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What subdivisions are within the boundaries for Desert Wind Middle School? 

  • Anderson Farms
  • Cobblestone
  • Desert Passage
  • Glennwilde
  • Homestead
  • Lakes at El Dorado
  • Rancho El Dorado
  • Rancho Mirage
  • Senita 3 & 4
  • Seven Ranches
  • Sorrento
  • Tortosa
  • U of A Farms

What are the school's colors and mascot?
Orange and Black - The Tigers

What are the school hours?
9:10 - 4:10 with early release at 3:10 on Wednesday

What time does the campus open?
The campus opens for students at 8:30 am

What should I know about student ID cards?
Student ID cards are to be worn at all times.
Students ID's are used for the following:      

  • Access to school bus
  • Check out library books
  • ID cards can also be loaded with MySchoolBucks to purchase meals in our cafeteria

What does it cost to replace an ID card?
DWMS provides all students with their initial ID card free of charge. If your student loses their ID card, a $5.00 fee is required to purchase a new card in the bookstore.

What if my student is tardy?
We encourage promptness since tardies affect everyone and disrupt classroom time. Late students must be signed in at the office. There we will issue students a "Tardy Slip" before they go to class.

What should I do if my student is absent?
When at all possible, please notify us when your child is absent by calling the Attendance Clerk in the front office at 520-568-7110 x3101. If we don't hear from you by early morning, you're likely to get a phone call and/or text from us. Students that have been absent should return with a note explaining the reason they were gone. An absence note is a must! Otherwise, we record your student's absence as "unexcused."

What is the pick-up and drop off routine?
Before and after school students can be dropped off and picked up in front of the school. Please keep to the left side of the driveway and do not park in the designated fire lane. If a student is going to be signed out of school early or picked up from school the parent or guardian must come in the school, present a picture ID, and sign their student out before a student will be released.

How does bussing work?
All students are assigned a bus route based on their home address. Students will not be permitted to ride a different bus. Students will be issued a school ID which also serves as their bus pass. Students MUST have their bus pass to ride the bus each day.  Please remind your student that riding the bus is a privilege and that we require best behavior at all times.  

Who is allowed to pick up my child?
Only those people listed on your emergency contact form can sign out your student. The person picking up your student must be 18 years of age and must present a picture ID. To ensure child safety we will not honor verbal requests for anyone other than those listed on your form. You are however, encouraged to update your form as needed.

Does Desert Wind Allow Visitors in the classrooms?
Yes. Visitors must call ahead and make an appointment to visit classrooms. We need to make sure that classes aren't interrupted during important times like tests. When you arrive at school, please check in with the front office with your Photo ID to receive your Visitor Badge.

How is lunch handled? Can I pay online?
We have 3 lunch periods - with each grade having a separate lunch period. Lunch lasts approximately 30 minutes. Students must show their ID card to purchase lunch. Parents can put money into a student lunch account by paying online through Forms to apply for Free or Reduced Lunch are available at any time during the school year. They can be picked up from the cafeteria, front office or on the MUSD website.
**Breakfast is also served daily from 8:30 - 9:05 and is free for all students.

What is the dress code?

  • Shirts, blouses, turtlenecks may only exceed one size larger than their fitted size.
  • Lower body articles must be hemmed and not frayed.
  • No type of head covering (i.e. baseball caps, cowboy hats, beanies, stocking hats/caps, do rags, skull caps, etc.) may be worn inside any classroom or building unless indicated by a School Spirit Days or for occupational safety headgear required for special classes.
  • Sunglasses may not be worn inside classrooms or buildings unless a note from a physician is provided to the Health Office.
  • Neither sleepwear nor beachwear are permitted, this includes footwear.
  • Bare feet are never acceptable; shoes must be worn at all times. Regulation J-2361 Proper footwear may be required for certain classes. Heelies are not allowed at any time.
  • Blankets are not to be brought to school.
  • Pocket chains, studded bracelets, dog collars, and other articles/accessories, which may be judged to be potentially harmful and/or could be used as a weapon are not permitted.
  • Jewelry used in conjunction with body piercing such as nose rings, studs, tongue studs, eyebrow rings, chin studs, ear gauging, belly piercing, etc. are prohibited and may not be visible.
  • Jewelry shall not be worn if it presents a safety hazard to self and/or others. Regulation J-2361
  • Articles of clothing, buttons or badges may not be worn if it contains the following:offensive, obscene, vulgar words, phrases, or illustrations; derogatory statements toward the purpose of education, political, religious, racial, or national groups; references to drugs, alcohol, weapons, violence, negative grouping; inappropriate sexual references; and/or advertises any product or service not permitted to minors by law (i.e. Alcohol/tobacco companies, Playboy bunny, etc.) Policy JICA-R/Regulation J-2361
  • Shorts, skirts and skorts will extend to at least mid-thigh while standing or sitting and must follow the same guidelines when worn with leggings. Leggings worn alone are not permitted.
  • No plunging necklines. The neckline of shirts or blouses may not extend beyond the student's hand when the hand is placed below the student's collarbone.
  • Muscle shirts, tank tops and off the shoulder tops are not permissible.
  • Tattoos must be covered and hidden from view - permanent and temporary.
  • Undergarments must not be visible at any time.
  • Bare midriffs, halter/tube tops, and spaghetti straps are not acceptable past the third (3rd) grade. Regulation J-2361
  • All clothing must be of sufficient density that the body cannot be seen through the clothing.
  • No sagging. Slacks, pants, skirts, shorts and skort

How do I update my contact information?
All changes need to be done in writing. There is a form in our front office to update your address, phone number, or emergency contacts.

How do I see my student's grades?
ParentVue gives parents access to: Attendance, Calendar, Class Schedule, Fees, Gradebook, Report Card, and Student Info. If you have current access to ParentVue through an elementary school in our district, your ParentVue account will remain the same. If you do not have access to ParentVue, please contact our counselor or front office for an activation code.

What sports are offered and when are the seasons?
We currently offer: Baseball, Softball, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Cross Country, Football, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Track, and Wrestling. Sports offered may change depending on enrollment, interest, and coach availability.

What is required to play sports?
All students must have a completed athletic packet, including a physical, before they will be permitted to attend tryouts. If your student plays multiple sports, only one athletic packet per school year is needed. Each sport requires a $50 Pay-2-Play fee that must be paid before the first game. Pay-2-Play fees can be paid by cash or check to our bookstore. Students are also required to maintain passing grades in all of their classes to remain eligible to participate.

Are there lockers for P.E.?
Yes, each student needs a lock to secure their belongings in the locker room. Students are expected to bring a change of clothes and dress out for PE each day. Locks can also be purchased in the school bookstore.

Do we need to purchase uniforms for P.E.?
No, we do not have uniforms for P.E.  Students are required to dress out in athletic clothing and shoes of their choice.

What is the Blended Learning Program?
The Blended Learning Program provides an alternative setting for project based, S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) education. Blended Learning utilizes personalized education, succinct technology integration, and project based instruction into the regular 6th, 7th and 8th grade curriculum. Blended Learning students are highly motivated, very organized, work well in groups and are self-starters. The Blended Learning classroom provides more freedom and creativity while holding high expectations for all students.


**A Note about Communication from Desert Wind**
There is frequent communication sent out from our teachers and principal. This includes emails, mailings, and phone calls. In order to ensure that every parent is receiving these communications, PLEASE KEEP YOUR INFORMATION UPDATED WITH OUR OFFICE. We have an update form that must be filled out yearly and the form is also available all year long on the front office.